Membership and Uninsured Options

For our patients that do not currently have dental insurance we have a set fee schedule for all our treatment under our National Fee Guide.

To schedule a new patient appointment, the cost is $436 for comprehensive examination, full mouth series radiographs, and dental cleaning. This does not include the cost of future treatment.

To schedule an emergency examination, the cost is $188 for limited examination, and the essential radiographs needed for diagnostics. This does not include the cost of future treatment.

Once we have a diagnosis, then we will explain the prices of all your future treatment options.

Membership Option

Our membership option is simple and the best way to receive the discounted rates on treatment. For our patient’s that our insured or uninsured we, do recommend this plan, because even with high insurance premiums, your total cost of treatment will be much less if you decided to become a member.

Member Plan:

Preventative Care Membership: $500/year

Included in the membership are: (2) cleanings and exams per year, new patient exam and cleaning, along with any follow up visits and any emergency visits. If there is any care that is not included in this package that you need or is recommended, the discounts range up to 50% reduced fees compared to our out of pocket National Fee.

Price Comparison between a member vs. our out-of pocket costs

Member:                           Out-of-Pocket:

Filling: $50.00                   Filling: $250.00

Crown: $500.00                Crown: $1200.00

Implant: $1500.00            Implant: $2013.00

Denture: $1500.00           Denture: $1700.00

Extraction: $200.00          Extraction: $291.00

Orthodontics: $5000.00  Orthodontics: $5700.00